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“Personal development cannot happen unless personal disruption happens first.”
—Pauline Nguyen
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It was 2:00 a.m. and Pauline was slumped at the table with her brothers in their award-winning restaurant. Her hair was falling out, she was too thin, and she was so tired that she couldn’t remember what hell they were even working toward.
After overcoming a childhood filled with violence and trauma she was finally ‘winning’ at prosperity, but she wasn’t winning at life, and she was desperate to find a better way to be in the world.
This book reveals what she learned.
You may already agree with Pauline that a successful entrepreneur requires courage, determination, resilience, persistence, grit, creativity, flexibility, commitment, and unwavering self-belief.
Did you also know that maximizing your potential in the modern world requires:
  •  Pursuing optimism instead of ‘happiness’
  •  Getting clear on your priorities 
  •  Creating principles that define you 
  •  Achieving self-mastery of your thoughts and emotions 
  •  Aligning your heart, mind, body, and spirit  
  •  Joining the revolution, not the evolution 
  •  Living your truth to become fearless 

Many contemporary changemakers and leaders are awakening to this new category of success secrets that make the difference between depression and burnout and the strategic, competitive advantages to be unstoppable. Now it’s time for you to join their ranks.
THE WAY OF THE SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR helps socially conscious, spiritually-minded entrepreneurs be fearless, stress free, and unshakable by teaching overlooked and forgotten developments in cognitive science, quantum physics, and biology that you can use to transform your life and your business today.

“If we live our lives ‘in spirit,’ we live inspired lives.”
—Pauline Nguyen
Pauline Nguyen is an award-winning author, international speaker, and award-winning restaurant owner-turned spiritual entrepreneur and personal disruption coach. Having escaped Vietnam on a boat and survived a Thai refugee camp, she overcame adverse beginnings to transform her approach to success by re-engineering her beliefs, questioning the status quo, and hacking cultural norms.
She wrote this book after years of encouragement from those who have heard her speak on the international stage or have worked with her, to bring her philosophy and wisdom to a larger audience. Her blend of mystic Eastern spirituality and high-performing Western business acumen make her uniquely suited to speak to entrepreneurs about rewiring your biology and rewriting your biography.
As with all her speaking and business endeavors, Pauline speaks from the heart to inspire action. She blends effective exercises, scientific proof, and relatable examples to help you live deliberately, not by default.

“It’s my hope to increase human potential for my fellow entrepreneurs…
which will inevitably elevate our families and business relationships,
extending to our immediate communities and the world at large.
 But above all of this, must come first, a deeper understanding,  
acceptance and celebration of ourselves.”
--Pauline Nguyen
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What Others Say
"Pauline’s thoughtful reflections appear over and over; I especially appreciate when she debunks popular thought such as ‘positive thinking.’ She skillfully weaves in her background and experiences to express where her values were forged. Red Lantern is more than a restaurant – it is emblematic of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. Her story is a chronology of evolving from a ‘doer’ to becoming a ‘being.’ I wish we were neighbours so I would bump into her weekly and walk away realigned."
Michael Grinder
Pioneer in Non-verbal Communication - Michael Grinder & Associates
“I have so much respect for Pauline Nguyen as a human being and as an entrepreneur. She really is the spiritual entrepreneur who shares her life experiences, wisdom, and beliefs in an incredibly generous way. The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur is a fantastic read and is being released at the perfect time—when the world is ready to hear the messages.” 
Andrew Griffiths
Australia’s best-selling small-business author
"This book is a captivating and challenging ride to one’s soul. Pauline makes it exciting to be in business right now, and to be learning the cutting edge of science and spirituality. Finally, after over 20 years in multiple businesses and as an entrepreneur that truly cares about helping humanity, I feel someone ‘gets me’ and can show me ‘how-to’ get to the next level whilst staying true to me. This is an incredibly insightful, human and personal synthesis of the best in spirituality today, that entrepreneurs are ready for. A must-read for all entrepreneurs."
Jessica Kiely
Chief Wanderess, Wanderess Beauty
"Your life simply cannot ever be the same after reading this book. Welcome to your awakening. With an incredible blend of research, science, insight, and storytelling, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur will leave you forever changed. Pauline’s energy, knowledge, and wisdom come bounding from the pages as she takes you on a journey that will both confront and inspire. I challenge anyone to be the same person they were before reading."
Kerry Dover
Momentum Architects
"This book is for those who are curious, but not sure how to live a path of greater consciousness and self-awareness. Pauline provides a systemised cognitive approach to the way things can be done. Her processes are based on science, experience, conclusions and learnings in life. Her realisations are put together in a way that combine personal happiness, wellbeing and living life in its fullest form, which inevitably leads to spiritual emancipation and eventual fulfilment of one’s potential and drive. I believe this is the ultimate answer we all seek on our lives. Pauline is one of the most real people there is out there, and definitely not one from the pre-packaged bottle."
Donny Chien
founder of, anti-waste advocator and spiritual entrepreneur
"This book and movement is for all the entrepreneurs out there who want to realise their vision and awaken their spirit without the crippling stress that often follows. It is for the people who understand that, Success is making a massive impact. Pauline’s book did a real number on me and I am grateful. I can only imagine what it will do for the wider entrepreneurial community. Bravo!"
Kel Butler 
Writes for Women 
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“The size of our dreams must always exceed our current capacity to achieve them”
—Pauline Nguyen
P.S. If you’re still reading, there’s probably something inside you that’s nudging you to keep finding out more. Join Pauline in the Spiritual Entrepreneur Revolution Today! 
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